About us

The value of our WEST. products is correlated with the customer's own sense of pride in Western Canada.  Canada is composed of many different personalities and demographics.  There is but one quality that connects them all, pride in Western Canadian culture. 

By repeatedly expressing the meaning behind the logo, the ideals are now seen in the logo itself.  WEST. was founded in May 2015 by two university students in Calgary, Alberta - with full intentions to not just create any other brand, but a brand which emulates a shared WEST. lifestyle. 

What does WEST. mean to you? To us, it expresses your appreciation to be from such a beautiful and safe place in the world, as well as and one's willingness to represent their homeland. 

The idea of pride in one's homeland is a value in which many people find significant, and the connection with this value is what differentiates WEST. Clothing Company from other brands in the industry.  Wearing the brand expresses your pride in Western lifestyle.

Join our journey to unite the WEST.

"It's always exciting and motivating for us to see the brand on strangers in public. It confirms that our WEST. mission is doing what we intended it to do, which is to bring people together"

Kind regards,


Travis Beekhuizen & Todd Sykes

** To contact us directly, please email westclothingco.inc@gmail.com or call us by phone at (403) 389 5258 / (587) 228 1725